Growing popularity of sports betting

Sports betting is, and rightly so, becoming more and more popular. So popular that knowledge is shared and thus tried to beat this way of gambling. With this one tries to make it a ‘skill game’ just as it happens over time with poker. Whether you call it football betting or sports betting, it does not matter if you only take a few tips into consideration. Sign up on our forum and read the tips below carefully before you start with this fun, but time consuming game. Realize what you are doing with sports betting because in the short term you can make profits of dozens or even hundreds of percent but in the long term you can be happy with a return of a few percent to perhaps for the toppers dozens of percent. To know more about ole711, go through official web sites.   

Create a disconnected email address purely for your sports betting

To see it as a standalone thing, your betting career, it is best to disconnect this from your other emails. Everything comes in a central place and it is also good to find what is going on with the various bookmakers and sports betting providers.

Winning betting is not possible if you see betting as a game

If you want to consistently make a profit with sports betting you have to see it as a disciplined process and not just as haphazard as a gambling game. Immerse yourself in the matter, spend time on research and weigh up your chances with certain bets.

Keep an administration of your ‘betting activities’

To keep an overview of your bets and your returns you have to keep track of everything. This can easily be done in an excel overview, so that you can see afterwards what your best bets were and how you arrived at that bet. One outcome could be that you are especially good at combination bets (called combos or accas) or in single bets.

Want to have a game for fun or a consistent profit?

This is a consideration that you make yourself, and the majority hopes to make a consistent profit. But between this thinking and hoping or the execution is a world of difference. To be a consistent winner with sports betting you have to show discipline and be realistic. You can achieve yields of 10 20% on an annual basis and then you are one of the better sports bettors running around. Be realistic and if you want the 100% gains you will probably not be able to keep this consistent.

Information, statistics, and research

No one knows all about possible markets by heart, and therefore use the enormous amount of information available on the internet. Many websites that are full of all possible information about sports competitions can be found there. There is a huge amount of information available.

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